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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  September 29, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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we are going to continue to work hard and get our island back. >> a rush in the bay area to help a devastated island as the mayor of puerto rico's urgent city puts out an urgent call tonight. >> we are dying here and i keep saying it, sos. >> the shirt the mayor is saying reads help us, we are dying. hurricane maria pummelled the island 10 days ago and much still doesn't have power and an urgent need of medical supplies. people here are mobilizing to help. abc news reporter has the story.
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>> irma is worried sick about her family in puerto rico. this text is the last time she heard from them saying they were okay. >> mommy, i love you and i'm doing everything i can to provide help for my family. >> she thought the best way to use her time was to raise money so she and her tech colleagues gathered for a burger and beer fund-raiser. >> people are dying. because of the lack of passion. we as puerto ricans have to do something. >> at the great american music hall friday night a different fund-raiser. all fund-raisers will benefit puerto rico. rosa owns property there. he is concerned for the people badly in need of basic
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necessities. >> i have a lot of frustration. we need help right away. >> we want them to know we have not forgotten about them and we will continue to help out in every single way. >> however long she is determined to do her part to help the resilient people of puerto rico bounce back and rebuild. in san francisco, lonnie rivera, abc 7 news. >> a tech investor is donating $10 million to relief. orlando bravo is a native of puerto rico. he chartered a jet with 100 water purifiers and nearly two dozen medical iv bags. they will come from his bravo family foundation that supports social justice. a truck of diapers here in the bay area is headed to houston. they were at the target parking lot. people packed a semi truck.
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kblx radio host organized the event after she found the agencies don't provide money for diapers. >> i figured the most vulnerable people are people in diapers. whether you are zero or 80 or 20. if you depend on a clean diaper every day, you need help. >> the truck will be sent to the diaper bank that gave away 20,000 in the first 72 hours after hurricane harvey. there is a drive in downtown oakland to help victims of hurricane irma. we have information on that and how to donate to help victims of maria and hurricane irma on our website, abc 7 let's move to developing news. the air force academy near colorado springs, colorado is on lockdown after reports of an active shooter at the prep school. there was no confirmation of shots fired and the security forces are sweeping the area.
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the school made headlines after racial slurs targeting five black students were left outside dorm rooms. the superintendent warned racism will not be tolerated and anyone who disagrees can leave the academy. the secretary of health and human services is forced to resign because of a travel scandal. tom price is accused of excessively using private planes for private travel. the records have to be turned over from all agencies. serena marshall has the latest. >> a 13th official of the trump administration is out of a job. tom price resigning following revelations he racked up more than $400,000 in two dozen chartered flights on the taxpayer dime. the president not hiding displeasure. >> i didn't like it cosmetically
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or otherwise. i was disappointed. >> price agreed to pay back the government, but only for the cost of his seat. >> he is paying back $52,000. >> that's unacceptable. >> sorry that enough? >> that's unacceptable. >> steve mnuchin from treasury and scott pruitt also being investigated for travel and a fourth and fifth being added to the list. ryan zinke defined. >> in the words of general schwartz cop a little bs. >> agreeing to three census confirmations. veterans affairs secretary, "the washington post" said taxpayers paid for him and his wife to fly to europe and take in the
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sights. writing i expect this will result in decreased employee travel and generate savings. the director of the office writing a letter to the heads of all federal agencies reminding them every dime they spend is the taxpayers's. >> former maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio said he is not a racist and said he didn't ask for president trump to pardon him, but he is not guilty and the real story will come out soon. he said that he believes a border wall will stop drug traffic from coming into the country. geologists say the danger of a rock fall at yosemite is no greater than usual. one climber was killed and two injured after two sides at el
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capitan on wednesday and thursday. the one yesterday involved a slab of rock the size of a 36 stor building. it was many times the size of the one on wednesday that killed someone. the rubble broke through the sun roof of an suv and injured jim evans of florida. rock falls happen regularly in the park. 60 were reported last year. >> heating from the sun turned out to be an explanation of some of the rock falls. >> ice and water caused slides expanding and putting pressure on the rock. there were two in a row because when rocks start falling in one area, they're likely to continue coming down. in developing news, fire damage to a tall residential building started an hour ago on the roof. firefighters were worried about elderly people inside, but everyone is safe. the fire is now out. >> a brentwood family is crying foul after dozens of protected
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birds -- we have the wrong video here. a city owned tree that overhangs their property. the family said the city is not doing enough to clean up the health risk that the birds created. katie has the story. >> more than 30 birds, egrets and herrons nested in this tree in this back yard. we showed you the problem earlier this month. feces, dead birds and dead fish. the filth held the family hostage. >> we had to stop opening our windows because the smell was so bad. we were afraid for the children to breathe that smell. >> there was nothing they could do about the federally protected birds at the time. now that the birds have migrated, city workers trimmed the tree and the bird waste concerns the family. danielle's 5-year-old daughter
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built this fairy garden and loved playing with it, but it's disgusting and they are not sure how to clean up this potentially toxic mess. >> you can feel it and it's stinging and especially when it's warm or if the dust picked up, you can feel it heavy on your chest. >> we spoke with the mayor and he admits there is a tangled nest of government agencies involved. from the bird's status to the state department of fish and wildli wildlife. >> there is a lot of pass the buck. >> danielle wants it gone so the buries don't come back. she is meeting with the park and rec director on monday. >> stay with us. this is what it will look like and next only abc 7 news goes in the construction of the billion dollar arena. >> hundreds of ipads are going
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home with san jose students. how the technology could change their lives.
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hundreds of students flocked to a south bay school to get a
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big free handout. i'm talking about ipads. district officials say the price list when it comes to bridging the digital divide. katie has the story from san jose. >> it's after school on a friday and the shepherd middle school campus is packed. >> it feels exciting. >> hundreds of families waiting to pick up a new, free ipad. >> we just have to carry this small tablet around and we have all of our school and homework. it's easy. >> verizon donated 600 ipads to the middle school as a program to bridge the digital divide. >> my teacher for math gives us points by using i ready and how many sessions and minutes we use. that will be really good to raise my grade. >> the principal is as enthusiastic. >> i talk to them about making books and not typing a paper. we are excited about the
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applicatio applications. >> these 600 ipads are part of a bigger picture. they are going to three middle schools with a two-year data plan. >> it's about providing opportunities for the kids and families to excel prepare them for 21st century jobs. >> learning about technology can look like fun and games and they have the chance to kick soccer balls and go bowling and use iphone. how is this for high tech? inspirational posters that come to life through an app. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> now to an exciting look at what's next for the warriors. our sports director got a look at how it's coming along. >> it is privately financed. they got money.
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they are spending it. warriors president gave us the exclusive tour of the chase center and after nine months it will be completed in the fall of 2019. >> i'm doing this for the first time. >> you have the foundation down and about to start going up. that's why we are here. >> a year from today, the whole building will be together. the roof will be on and it will be water tight and we will start to do the interior work. >> here we are. we are in the lobby. >> i love what you have done with the place. it's beautiful. >> where is the court going to be? where is steph curry going to be shooting? >> right there at centre court. locky room is over there. practice court here and centre court here. >> what are the emotions here? >> the same as everybody who worked on the project. this was just a dream 5 1/2
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years ago. to see it come to form is a feeling that puts a smile on my face. >> amazing project. the warriors will be going to china next week and i will be joining them. my reports will begin on monday. by the time i get back, i will properly put the hat on. i didn't know what was going on there. i'm not a man that does much labor. thanks very much and good luck in china. let's turn to the weekend forecast. it is finally arrived. a good bit cooler and breezy. what about the next few days. sandy is tracking the forecast for us. sandy? >> the windy pattern is with us and the flags are swaying around in the wind. we are looking at fire danger being elevated. sunny and mild in the afternoons and cooler weather next week. i know it was cooler, but even cooler than what we are seeing.
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this windy pattern will extend from the coast into the hills. that's why we are looking at high fire danger and gusty winds in the hills with low humidity. any fires that do develop will spread quickly. keep that in mind and be vigilant this weekend. here's a look at the hour by hour wind gusts. 35 mile an hour winds along the coast and into 8:00 p.m. over the hill tops as we head to sunday morning. into a breezy pattern and it dries out more. fire weather watch for the north and east bay hills. until the 9:00 a.m. sunday, gusty winds and low humidity putting us in critical fire weather condition. we have the fog and it's hugging the coast and pushing in over parts of the east bay and it will be with us to start off saturday morning. you have to get to brentwood to see a 70 degree reading. i want to show you a live picture and you will notice how fuzzy this is.
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fog could be a problem if you are flying out of sfo tomorrow morning. cool with fog and 40s and 50s. breezy along the coast for the afternoon hours and it will be bride a bright and sunny. mid 60s to mid 80s. temperatures first thing in the morning is cool enough to where you need the sweaters. upper 40s to upper 50s and as we head towards tomorrow afternoon, a nice mild day. any activities will be pleasant. 79 in san jose. on the peninsula, nice weather and 78 in redwood city. 67 at half moon bay and breezy at times. 70 degrees. you get into the north bay. sunscreen and shades weather. temperatures close to average. we head into the east bay, 75 in oakland and 78 in fremont. inland will be in the low to mid 80s. 83 in livermore and 82 in fairfield. we have a lot going on.
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the castro street fair on sunday 11:00 in the morning will be clear and mild. temperatures will come up into the 70s and all you need to worry about is shades and sunscre sunscreen. if you are looking at the bridge to bridge run, the space starts at 8:00. clear conditions and the mid- to upper 50s. the numbers come up in the mid- to upper 60s. great looking weather for the run benefiting the special olympics of northern california. download the app and you can check out the temperatures any time to help you plan your weekend. fleet week is breezy and mild. the festivities begin and 60s in the afternoon and mornings in the 50s as we head towards the airshow. weather should be good for that. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. mid 80s inland and dropping the numbers and heading into next week from the low 80s monday and tuesday to the mid-and upper 70s. the middle to latter part of the
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workweek. mid 60s on the coast and overall pleasant weather. pleasant weather. fire d
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here is why ama has not been around. she had a baby. she had a girl on monday and mom and baby are doing well. wonderful. >> what are a cutie. >> larry is back with sports. >> you are talking giants and one win over the padres to avoid a 100 win loss.
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>> good evening. today is the anniversary of the great willie mays catch in the 1954 world series. most of you probably weren't born and you probably haven't seen the black and white. major league baseball announced they will name the trophy after mays and he is grateful he can give something back to the game even at 86 years old. the catcher was honored as the willie mac award and gets a hug from the man himself. giants and padres and two outs for buster posey. joe panik and giants up 3-0 in a flash. bottom four, this is not a replay. buster with two outs and another
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double to bring in panik. he had three two-out doubles. hot dog man is thrilled. and the giants get the victory and avoid a 100 loss season. i wonder how it goes when you show up for the date as hot dog man. a couple of rangers fans got married before the game. not the way you want to go out. the two-run bomb. 4-0, rangers, you never forget your first. this is the moment for the a's rookie. this guy has a bright future, but they lose the game. they lock up the 30 straight finish. take russell westbrook out of the frenzy. he is staying in oklahoma city and gets a five-year extension for $205 million. if you do the math, he will
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makeover $500,000 per game! he was the mvp averaging a triple double and 10 assist per cntest. fans and jets in pullman for number five. washington state. both came in undefeated. ronald jones ii can supply. he deserves a jersey and will be in the nfl. look at this play. the deflection right there to come up with the interception. and here have the end of the game here. we don't have it, but he's on a touchdown. this is the highlight that ran at 9:00 and we don't have the 11:00 version, but he kicked a field goal and beat usc, 30-27.


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